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Hi! Thanks for stopping by Holmquist's Homeroom!

I'm in my 13th year teaching, and for all but one of those years I've taught 3rd grade.  (I looped up with my kids to 4th grade two years ago...definitely a good learning experience for all of us!)  I've taught both Math and Reading when we were departmentalized, but now we're back to self-contained and I'm loving it!

I moved out to Colorado for grad school, completely unaware of the hidden secret that the weather here is AMAZING and it's the best place to live!  (Oops, I just gave it away...)

My dog Tucker is my partner in crime and the perfect Colorado dog...hiking and swimming are two of his favorite things in life.  And I also end up throwing a lot of tennis balls.   A lot.

As much as I love Colorado, a piece of my heart will always belong in Northern Michigan.  Summer break is perfect for a yearly road trip to my happy place!

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